Benefit of Using Kettle Bells During Training

Kettle Train

Kettlebell training has become a household name in the past decade. Hailing from Russia, it’s believed to be an efficient method of increasing muscular strength, promoting endurance, burning fat and boosting aerobic capacity.

In a 2012 scientific study performed by experts from the University of New Mexico (Dr. Len Kratvitz et al), kettlebell was suggested as a viable training modality for facilitation of a weight loss program. This study examined thirteen (13) subjects i.e. 11 males and 2 females with average weight of 170 lbs. After a few days of exercise, the following results were observed:

  1. Kettlebell workouts elicited a psychological response necessary for cardiorespiratory fitness
  2. Potential power and strength benefits of kettlebell training as an alternative to traditional resistance training methods were observed
  3. Significant weight loss results were reported

Another benefit of using kettle bells during training is simplicity. This is in addition to being time- and cost-friendly. Let us take an in depth look at some real benefits of this training.

kettle bell class

Ideal for Busy People

Kettlebells are a perfect way to combine cardio, strength and flexibility training. Because of their intensive nature, the workouts are usually short. Moreover, kettlebells are normally kept small and portable making it practically possible to exercise on the go.

Quick weight loss

These workouts are quite effective at boosting metabolic action in the body and as you know the higher the metabolic cost, the more the fat you burn. Besides that, kettlebell workouts (being strength training exercises as well) are effective at creating dense muscle mass which aid in burning calories all day long.

Boosted human growth hormone (HGH)

The kinds of movements that are stimulated by the complex movements of this training tend to favor production of human growth hormone. HGH boosts muscle mass while simultaneously reducing the amount of fat. Unfortunately, as we hit early 40s the HGH starts declining and therefore an extra dosage of it is needed to keep fit. Thanks to kettlebell workouts, one can boost their HGH levels naturally even at 40s.

Improved flexibility

An inflexible person might struggle to flex at the hips and touch their toes due to tight hamstrings. Likewise, it’s nearly inflexible for such a person to reach over head without compensating through their trunk. The kettlebell swing exercise aims to relax the hip flexors and hamstrings. This eventually helps unlock tight muscle flexors thereby improving general performance in other exercises.

Faster muscle recovery time

These workouts increase your range of motion and have minimal risk of injuries. If your kettlebell training is included as a part of a training method that comprises of other exercises, you might require 1 to 3 days recovery time. Normally, how short or long one takes to recover depends upon several factors including: fitness level, genetics and age. In basic, the less fit one is, the longer they require to recover. But generally, kettlebell trainings are known to have shorter recovery time than other forms of exercises.

An additional benefit of using kettle bells during training is that they are relatively easy to acquire. You can purchase them at a fitness equipment outlet or online. If you are a beginner, it is important to have a professional trainer help you train safely.